• Ekta The Classical Magic Show

    You are about to enjoy yet one more quality product from EKTA a fascinating magician’s kit, with instructions and accessories necessary for performing 81 tricks. People have always been fascinated and amused by the word of magic, and real magicians know how to astonish their audience


    Ekta The Classical Magic Show

  • Ekta World of Science

    SciencEinstein box is one of the leading early learning subscription boxes in the world. The early years are critical to a child’s development and 90% of a child’s brain is developed in the first 6 years. Einstein box helps parents provide best-in-class learning to their children, in these crucial years.


    Ekta World of Science

  • Ekta Glitter Tattoos Body Art

    • Create glittery colourful tattoos quickly and easily
    • Comes with four different colour glitters
    • Comes with 100 temporary body tattoos and sick and peel body gems
    • Complete with body adhesive, stencils and glitter application brush
    • Dimension (L x W x H): 15 cm x 15 cm x 14.3 cm
    • Waterproof tattoos, once applied these awesome tattoos will not wash off, show them off at the beach or pool party, long lasting temporary tattoos
    • It can be applied anywhere like neck, wrist, arm, hands, knuckles, legs, thighs, calves etc

    Ekta Glitter Tattoos Body Art

  • 4 in 1 Colour & Wipe

    48 reusable cards. Learn numbers, alphabets,colors and shapes.Play and learn with wipe off fun.It is fun and learning for kids.cards have pictures on both the sides.It can be reused as you can wipe after coloring again and again.


    4 in 1 Colour & Wipe

  • Ekta Tattoo nNail Fashion

    Decorate your skin & nails with colourful sparkling tattoos and shine on. Includes 2 metallic body tattoo gel pens. Everything you need to create salon style makeover, right at your finger tips, long fabulous nails are just one step away. Welcome to the joys of tattoo and nail art! give yourself marvelous make aver with this set. create trendy tattoos with metallic body gel pens, it’s easier to use with stencils and make beautiful and stylish large tattoos. use the artificial nails included in this kit to give you a nail makeover!


    Ekta Tattoo nNail Fashion

  • 3 in 1 Big Creative Box

    magic bouncy balls create your own super balls ,pour mould and bounce. 2.amazing active sand never dries out play again and again, it includes sand and 8 fun moulds, feel it move watch it grow. play indoor or outdoor without any mess, active sand is squeezable sand where you feel the fun and cant put down. feel ultra soft , easy to model ,beautiful detailed easy clean up 3. make your own fantastic yucky slime , mix and make silly slimy fun. Perfect for Birthday gifts for girls and boys.


    3 in 1 Big Creative Box

  • Ekta 2 in 1 Unicorn Bowling Ringtoss

    The Ring Tossing Game encourages getting off the couch and interacting with friends while also perfecting eye-hand coordination. Great for adults, teens, and kids, this exciting game can be enjoyed by all. This is a super quoits set that is suitable to play indoor or outdoor and can be played with all the family.

    The Ring Tossing Game encourages getting off the couch and interacting with friends while also perfecting eye-hand coordination. Great for adults, teens, and kids, this exciting game can be enjoyed by all., This is a super quoits set that is suitable to play indoor or outdoor and can be played with all the family,

    This ring toss game excellent little game will help children develop and improve their coordination skills, The ring toss tower is made when you connect 8 Cups in a stacking manner. This makes it a 2 in 1 Toy Set.

  • Ekta Pixels Sea Creatures

    A game for kids to boost kid’s creativity, productivity and project management skills. Kids will also learn shapes of sea creatures. The traditional way to use Fuse Beads is by placing them one by one onto the pegs of a plastic pegboard. Once the desired pattern is created by following the underneath design card – and every bead is beside another – the design is then fused together using ironing paper and an iron. This is a traditional but a whole new set of game which your kid will make different designs and he/ she can even glue them with magnet provided along to make it a fridge magnet. Contents: Over 2000 Fuse beads in 12 colors. Transparent plastic Peg Board 6 double sided design cards Beads clip Ironing Paper Badge Pins Magnets and detailed instructions.


    Ekta Pixels Sea Creatures

  • Ekta 2 in 1 Pader Quilling

    Each of us loves to create! From a scary monster box to the prettiest doll; a super solar system project or that personalized photo frame for mom; our vivid imaginations provide an endless stream of awesome ideas. The desire to make is exciting, the creative process of making takes both the left and right brains on a journey of a lifetime; and the accomplishment of self-expression is invigorating. One of the key ingredients is the right set of tools. But even more important – is to encourage and appreciate – that is where we need your lead. So, let’s create – for there is nothing quite like it – each creation is unique and the pride and joy of having created are unparalleled!


    Ekta 2 in 1 Pader Quilling

  • Ekta Magnetic ABC Numero Board Educational Games Board Game

    Magnetic AbcNumero Board. This set is Comprised of basic learning elements for a developing child.It contains elements such as alphabets, numbers which can be combined in many ways, providing hours of fun.It’s an interactive kit specially suited for all young inclusitive minds. ages 3+

  • Ekta Junior Builders 2

    Applefun Big Builders Set 1 – Blocks for Juniors Buy this kids Smart Blocks for Juniors. Set 1 helps play with different colored blocks. The Big Size Learning & Building Blocks set makes it easier for small kids to play and make different models out of it. Features : Boosts Creativity. Aids Imagination. Improves Construction Skills. For Ages 2 and up. Contents : Big size multi-color building blocks. Dimensions : Biggest Block : 12.5 cms x 6.2 cms x 5.5 cms Smalles Block : 3.1 cms x 3.1 cms x 5.5 cms


    Ekta Junior Builders 2

  • Ekta 4 in 1 Craft Box

    This art party supply adopts 3D pattern design that boys and girls will love. The busy girl/ boy craft toy kit is creative and challenging, children can accumulate a lot of experience in the process of making. Best Educational Gift -Cute gift packaging, portable and collectible, it is a precious gift for kids in their lifetime -This colorful craft kid can be used as a gift for boys, girls, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, granddaughters, grandchildren and neighbors -Suitable for birthday parties, preschool kindergarten classrooms activities, family gatherings, holiday parties and other occasions It is an interactive learning game that can improve children’s social skills. The creative kid project suitable for children and beginners to create individually, and it is also the best interactive handicraft project for playing with parents. If it feels like your child has a birthday party every weekend, our DIY Kit is the answer! A unique and fun gift for all the boys and girls on your list! Includes Everything You Need. 4 in 1 Craft Box Game. Make crafty paper cup puppets, fabulous greeting cards, exciting creations with smooth wooden candy sticks and paper quelled animal & Birds. Be amazed by this giant box of craft from crafty puppets to paper quilled animals, blossoming young imaginations can finally make as many different crafts as they like. This wonderful collection is the ideal way to get your kids into crafting, as well as working with their creative ideas! Spark off your little one ideas and imagination with this cool supply of crafts. An ideal kit for your little artists and crafter develop their creativity and mobility with this high quality collection of amazing essentials. If you are looking for fun, indoor activities to captivate your kids, this is idea. Package Dimensions – L 34.5 x B 5 x H 24 cm


    Ekta 4 in 1 Craft Box

  • Ekta The Young Scientist Set it Series 2

    THE YOUNG SCIENTIST SET – 2 Become a young scientist & experience this Electrifying Set ! 3 Complete Kits | Multiple Experiments | Hours of Hands on Fun This set is Imaginative as it is fascinating. Young Scientists shape magnetic fields, construct a magna doodle, dwelve into magnets using magnetic fields, lodestones & Iron Fillings, explore static electricity by using balloons, create sparks, bend water, have hair raising experience, make cereal jump, learn about tornados, clouds, evaporation, condensation & precipitation, make clouds in a jar, recreate the water cycle. That all will keep young scientists captivated for hours. For Ages 8+

  • EKTA The Young Scientist Set – 1

    For All the Young Einstein’s Out ThereH5> Science can be made more interesting with the Ekta The Young Scientist set 1 that explains the basic concepts in the most thought-provoking way. An interesting combination of more than 100 scientific experiments will help kids learn the fundamentals like evaporation, condensation, magnetism and much more. Experiments like exploring electricity by balloons, creating invisible ink, making an underwater volcano, growing a stalactite etc. will keep children entertained for hours. The science experiment kit includes all the essential knowledge required to perform these educational experiments. To help your little scientists perform these experiments safely, the Ekta Young Scientist kit includes three easy-to-follow guides.
    Easy to CarryH5> By carrying out these experiments themselves, children can get a deeper understanding of the basic scientific concepts. Enhanced knowledge about these basic concepts also allows them to understand advanced concepts with ease. All the scientific apparatus and guides can be stored in the compact box included in the kit. Kids can easily carry the Young Scientist set to their play area or activity centre to enjoy unlimited fun and knowledge filled hours with their friends and loved ones. This experiment kit is designed by professionals under highest quality and safety standards, so this science experiment kit for 8 year old is completely safe for your little ones. Brand: Ekta Recommended Age: 8 years and up Offers easy understanding of basic scientific concepts Includes three guides to ease the experimental process All the apparatus can be stored and carried easily in the included box ul>div>
  • Ekta Animals Play Set

    Wildlife Model Children Puzzle Early Education Gift Mini Jungle Animal Toy Set Realistic Animal Figures Toys for Kids Animal Toy Set Play for Kids (Mix-Animal_12pc)

    ✔ Assorted Animal Set ✔

    ◆This Assorted Animal set of 20pc Wild Animal Toys Set.

    ◆The set is Non-toxic and safe material for kids can play with it freely.

    Useful toys for Kids

    The animal set helps in building imagination, recognition, social, emotional, language, and thinking skills in children while they play with these toys.


    Ekta Animals Play Set

  • Ekta Tumbling Tower Brand Generic Material Wood Batteries Required? No Colour Multicolor

    Tumbling Tower 54 Wooden Blocks | Classic Wooden Block Game. Object of the game – The object is to remove one block each turn the middle or bottom of the ‘TUMBLING TOWER’ and place it on top without knocking over the tower. The game continues with players each taking a turn until the tower falls. Getting ready to play – To set up your ‘ TuMBLING TOWER’ Put three block next to each other. Lay them side by side. Leaving a small space between blocks. Place 3 more blocks. crossways on top of the first layer as shown.Continue adding layers, 3 blocks at a time until all the 54 blocks are used. Let’s play – Youngest player goes first. Then play continues to the left. Each player removing one block and placing it on removing one block and placing it on the top in the same crisscross way the tower was built. You may use only one hand. You may touch a block to see if it is loose. if you move this block and do not place it on top, you must put it back in its on top. you must put it back in its original position. Next player goes. When a Plasyer makes the tower fall. The player who went before that player is the winner.

  • Ekta Spellex Junior

    Let your child learn new words with fun. This spellex game from ekta will make your child familiar with the world of vocabulary. This spellex board has pictures which will give clue to your child to form their next word. This game is for 2 to 4 players. Ideal for weekend fun. Following are the 2 levels at which the players can enjoy the game. Two exciting word game in one.


    Ekta Spellex Junior

  • Ekta Smart Builders

    Fascinating age appropriate toys which enhances child’s imagination and focuses on making kids artistic, experiential and smart. We believes in bringing toys and games for kids which keep them busy and gives them real life examples while playing. It gives special attention and bring only safe and non toxic toys. This toy is specially selected by team and our toys are meaningful, safe, interesting and engaging. This toy will help young children improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and even social skills as they learn to play and interact with other children, now watch your child entertain themselves and spend countless hours away from video games as they create, imagine and engineer, robots, cars , flowers. The possibilities are endless with this building set. This colourful building blocks set is a fun play for everyone. It will help to improve your kid’s finger strength, fine motor skill and creativity. Made of kids friendly ABS plastic with smooth edge, totally safe. Playing with blocks help children develop their vocabularies, improves math skills, and even teaches them about gravity, balance, and geometry. They learn how to describe colours, shapes, sizes and positions as they build various structures. When it comes to math, children can learn more about things such as area, size, order, space, shapes, numbers, mapping, patterns, measuring, fractions, operations, estimating, negative space, adding, one to one correspondence, seriation. As mentioned before, blocks can help develop child’s vocabulary and increase his/her understanding about labelling, sentence structure, spatial visualization, balance, symmetry, and even weight, height and gravity! Social and emotional growth. Blocks help children learn to take turns and share materials, develop new friendships, become self-reliant, increase attention span, cooperate with others, and develop self-esteem. Development in all areas. Block play requires fine and gross motor skills. Block play engages spati


    Ekta Smart Builders

  • Ekta Magna Play Set_4

    Ekta Candy Craft Multicolor

    Make cool crafts out of wooden smooth finish candy sticks. Create cool pen stand, beautifyl photo frames, wall hangings, door hangers and many more things. Create your child’s creative imagination with thi EKTA candy craft kit.


    ➜ Physical & Mental Development

    Helps in Mind Development
    Helps in Creativity & Imagination
    Increases concentration power
    Hand & Eye Co-ordination.
    Develops Motor Skills, Attention Span Building, Analysis & Critical Thinking

    ➜ Box Contains – Candy Sticks, Buttons, Tikki Lace, Paint Tube of 6 Colors, White Adhesive, Paint Brush, and Instruction sheet.

    ➜ Exquisite packaging – Suitable for over 5 years old, can be given to kids on birthday, Christmas, masquerade ball, stage performances, giving them a different childhood experience.


    Not suitable for children under 4 years.


    Ekta Magna Play Set_4

  • Ekta Magna Play Set_3

    Magical Magnetic Learning and play game for kids.Improve imagination of your child by letting him create amazing pictures with magnetic pieces . Create more than 400 odd designs with different puzzles Contents includes Double Sided Black & White metallic canvas , 300 colourful round magnets , wooden display stand , puzzle booklet with detailed instructions


    Ekta Magna Play Set_3

  • Ekta Paper Quilling_2

    • Brand: Toykraft
    • Paper quilling kit
    • Age: 7 years and up
    • Offers a mixture of fun and creativity
    • Contains: Strips of coloured papers, a quilling book, an adhesive glue and blank greeting cards
    • Ideal for birth announcements, scrapbooking, greeting cards, wedding invitations and more

    Ekta Paper Quilling_2

  • Ekta Paper Quilling_1

    “PAPER QUILLING SERIES 1 Features : Quilling made fun and easy! Make amazing creations with simple paper strips. Keeps the kid occupied Art and Craft kit Develop Creativity in kid Make it more interesting with Paper Crimper tool inside Ages 8 and up DIY – Do it yourself Kit Paper Quilling is the art of rolling, shaping and pinching thin strips of paper into delicate looking shapes and using these pieces to form a design. Most shapes are made with just a few variations of basic rolls and scrolls. Once the individual shapes have been created, they are arranged to form a final figure. Ekta introduces an amazing paper quilling kit that gives your child’s creative abilities a boost. Your kids can make Panda, Angel Fish, Space Astronaut, Space Ship, Butterfly, Rainbow Flapper, Lalmb, Cow, Peacock, Penguin, Grass Hopper, Walking Beetle, Black Widow, Fruits & Vegetables etc. This Paper Quilling kit serves various purposes and keeps your children occupied as they learn how to put their imagination to use & it’s well stocked with various strips of coloured papers, Comprehensive book on paper quilling, Paper crimper tool, Paper quilling tool, wiggly eyes and adhesive glue. These tools can be used efficiently for designing purposes. Contents : Paper Quilling Tool 200 Paper quilling strips in 10 colours. Paper Crimper tool, Craft Glue Wiggly eyes 20 pages colourful paper quilling instructions book.


    Ekta Paper Quilling_1

  • Ekta Super Dough Factory

    SUPER DOUGH FACTORY Watch your creation magically grow As you slowly push the extruder’s Handle down. Contains 6 tubs of color Dough, 2 in 1 extruder, extrusion Strips, modelling molds, cap molds Etc. it also includes 3D mold to create 3D figures. Watch your creation magically grow As you slowly push the extruders Handle down. Contains 6 tubs of color Dough, 2 in 1 extruder, extrusion Strips, modelling molds, cap molds Etc. It also includes 3D mold to create 3D figures. This product is made up of high quality materials and hence is completely safe for your child. This product makes the perfect gifting option for any child. Playing with Soft Dough is a fun activity enjoyed by all kids, be it boys or girls. As a development factor in your child’s growth playing with soft dough aids fine motor development along with hand-eye co ordination and general concentration. Key Features:- An interesting kit where your child converts her imagination into reality. Watch your creation magically grow as you slowly push the extruder’s handle down. The use of Clay helps children develop imaginative and creative skills, and gives them endless hours of joy and FUN!. The modeling fun dough clay is easy to use simply by pulling apart in different colors clay. Contains 6 tubs of fun-dough with cap molds, 2 in 1 fun-doh Extruder with 2 Extrusions strips, 8 Molds, 3D Mold, Fun-Doh Knife.


    Ekta Super Dough Factory

  • Ekta Fewellery Boutique

    The jewellery boutique kit is a beautiful assortment of a wide variety of beads and small patterns that can be beaded together to form pretty looking jewellery. This kids’ bead jewellery kit contains acrylic beads of different patterns, clasps, hooks, ear loops, beading wire and more. Recommended for children above five years of age, this kids’ jewellery kit lets your creative little jewellery designer use her imagination to make gorgeous jewellery for herself or her favourite doll. It’s a great way to encourage creative thinking and for building an engaging hobby.


    Ekta Fewellery Boutique


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