• Toyboy Fishing Master

    Gaming Dark Blue Fish Catching Game, 45 Fishes with Big Round Pond & Fish .

    Toyboy Fishing Master

  • Ekta Magic black Tricks

    You are about to enjoy yet one more quality product from EKTA a fascinating magician’s kit, with instructions and accessories necessary for performing 81 tricks. People have always been fascinated and amused by the word of magic, and real magicians know how to astonish their audience.


    Ekta Magic black Tricks

  • Ekta Animals 2 in 1 Colour & Wipe

    Ekta 2 in 1 Colour & Wipe (Animal + Birds) Multicolor

    This colour and wipe kit is specially designed to give knowledge and information to the kids. The colourful pictures and the simple words help young children to build picture- word recognisation skills. Young children will love learning about animals and brids with these bold and bright colourful picture cards.


    Physical & Mental Development

    Helps in Mind Development
    Helps in Creativity & Imagination
    Increases concentration power
    Hand & Eye Co-ordination.
    Develops Motor Skills, Attention Span Building, Analysis & Critical Thinking

    Material– 24 Reusable cards, 1 duster, box of quality crayons (12 shades ).

    Ideal Gift– Makes a great gift for any child and offers a personalised way of storing their pocket money

    Skill- This kit helps the child in recognising their extra skills except education. With its help a child can learn the art of drawing and combination of colours.

    Note- Suitable for the children age of 3 years and above

  • Ekta 50 Family Games

    Mega entertainment for whole family! It’s a big bargain kit, where you get 50 classic games in a single pack. A non-stop enjoyment for everyone.


    Ekta 50 Family Games

  • Ekta Warli Art

    Two jigsaw puzzle sets, two terracotta pots, a double photo frame, acrylic and tempera paints, a paintbrush, an instruction manual, and a very informative book on Indian traditional art.

    This valuable Warli kit introduces young children to traditional Indian Warli Art. This is a real Warli art treat wherein you have done your bit for the community by popularizing this great art form to a new and younger audience.

    A set of jigsaw puzzles introduces the child to this wonderful folk art. While putting together the pieces to form beautiful Warli art pictures, they learn the basic form. The child can paint a double picture photo frame based on Warli art. Two terracotta pots are provided and the Warli art can be extended to this medium resulting in some amazing creations


    Ekta Warli Art

  • Ekta Glitter Tattoos Body Art

    • Create glittery colourful tattoos quickly and easily
    • Comes with four different colour glitters
    • Comes with 100 temporary body tattoos and sick and peel body gems
    • Complete with body adhesive, stencils and glitter application brush
    • Dimension (L x W x H): 15 cm x 15 cm x 14.3 cm
    • Waterproof tattoos, once applied these awesome tattoos will not wash off, show them off at the beach or pool party, long lasting temporary tattoos
    • It can be applied anywhere like neck, wrist, arm, hands, knuckles, legs, thighs, calves etc

    Ekta Glitter Tattoos Body Art

  • 4 in 1 Colour & Wipe

    48 reusable cards. Learn numbers, alphabets,colors and shapes.Play and learn with wipe off fun.It is fun and learning for kids.cards have pictures on both the sides.It can be reused as you can wipe after coloring again and again.


    4 in 1 Colour & Wipe

  • EKTA The Young Scientist Set – 1

    For All the Young Einstein’s Out ThereH5> Science can be made more interesting with the Ekta The Young Scientist set 1 that explains the basic concepts in the most thought-provoking way. An interesting combination of more than 100 scientific experiments will help kids learn the fundamentals like evaporation, condensation, magnetism and much more. Experiments like exploring electricity by balloons, creating invisible ink, making an underwater volcano, growing a stalactite etc. will keep children entertained for hours. The science experiment kit includes all the essential knowledge required to perform these educational experiments. To help your little scientists perform these experiments safely, the Ekta Young Scientist kit includes three easy-to-follow guides.
    Easy to CarryH5> By carrying out these experiments themselves, children can get a deeper understanding of the basic scientific concepts. Enhanced knowledge about these basic concepts also allows them to understand advanced concepts with ease. All the scientific apparatus and guides can be stored in the compact box included in the kit. Kids can easily carry the Young Scientist set to their play area or activity centre to enjoy unlimited fun and knowledge filled hours with their friends and loved ones. This experiment kit is designed by professionals under highest quality and safety standards, so this science experiment kit for 8 year old is completely safe for your little ones. Brand: Ekta Recommended Age: 8 years and up Offers easy understanding of basic scientific concepts Includes three guides to ease the experimental process All the apparatus can be stored and carried easily in the included box ul>div>
  • 499.00999.00

    Fashion You

  • Ekta Magna Play Set_3

    Magical Magnetic Learning and play game for kids.Improve imagination of your child by letting him create amazing pictures with magnetic pieces . Create more than 400 odd designs with different puzzles Contents includes Double Sided Black & White metallic canvas , 300 colourful round magnets , wooden display stand , puzzle booklet with detailed instructions


    Ekta Magna Play Set_3

  • Ekta Yung Buliders set -1

    The YOUNG BUILDERS Blocks set provides a play experience like no other. It features several inter locking pieces that can be arranged in different shapes and sizes to build his/her dream, models. This building block provide entertainment value for your children. Made of durable material, this building block is sturdy, as well as bright and colourful


    Ekta Yung Buliders set -1

  • Ekta Fashion Loom Bands

    Design and make colourful rubber band fashion accessories to wear & share. create single, double, or triple loop rubber band combinations. Simple and easy to do. with over 600 mixed colour rubber bands you and your friends can make variety of awesome, colorful fashion accessories to wear and share. With full instruction and lots of design ideas to inspire, you will be weaving , looping and twisting in no time. This cool crafts kit is for young designer aged five and up. So, stretch imagination, enjoy hours of totally trendy jewellery making fun. Content: weaving loom, 2 weaving hook, 600 assorted colourful bands, 24 s clips, detailed instruction.


    Ekta Fashion Loom Bands

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    UFO Magic Ball

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