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  • Intelliskills 123 Reusable Activity Cards – Multicolor

    Key Features
    Hands-on play that develops fine motor skills
    Improves hand-eye coordination
    Develops numeracy skills
    Developed by educators at FirstCry Intellitots preschool

    Brand: FirstCry Intelliskills
    Type: Toys and Gaming
    Age: 3 to 6 Years
    Package Dimension: L 28 x B 20.5 x H 3.4 cm

    Product Description
    Reusable activity cards reinforce hand-eye coordination in little ones, and develop their focus and concentration levels. Bright and beautiful illustrations make it fun, engaging and easy for tiny tots to learn and write numbers.

    Items Included in the Package:
    8 reusable activity sheets
    1 exercise book
    1 pencil, 1 eraser, 1 wiping cloth
    Country of Origin: India

  • Creatives My First Charades Board Game – Multicolour

    Key Features:
    For younger players who have not been introduced to words yet, use picture flashcards for them.
    Set timer to give a certain amount of time to act and others must guess what they are trying to act out in a definite amount of time.
    Encourage kids to play in teams as this is a great team-building game for kids

    Brand – Creatives
    Type – Charades Board Game
    Age – 4 Years+
    Box Dimensions – L 46.5 x B 25 x H 6.5 cm

    Product Description:
    The Creatives Charades kids board Game has been specially designed to cater to the needs of children’s imagination and activeness. It serves as a perfect gift to kids of this age group as it gives a hands-on play experience with an engaging option for screen-free fun activity.

    Items included in the package:
    1 play board
    1 dice
    6 pawns
    132 category cards- 33 cards each category
    1 activity guide
    Country of Origin: India


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